Social media is a 24/7 interaction and dialogue between brands and consumers. Before diving in, let Plug Media Group develop your strategy and metrics to ensure your business objectives are being met. We are able to create authentic engagements between our clients, their customers and other social influencers. And once those connections have been made, we measure the reach and monitor the messaging to ensure consistency and desired results.

  • Consumer insights
  • Strategy
  • Search strategies
  • Content
  • Training

Plug Media Group's social media specialists create and evaluate content and help engage your brand in dialogue with consumers. Plug tracks social network use to measure user connection strengths relative to brands, friends and followers, to develop influencer segmentation, brand affinity analysis and help identify social activity hubs.

We are able to harness consumer social behavior to create intelligent interest graphs for Facebook ad buys, content optimization and media planning. Using this real-time social intelligence, we will increase your traffic, engagement and reach - maximizing your social marketing investment.

Higher CTR: See a 30+% increase on your content click-through rate
Intelligence: Know with whom your consumers are interacting the most - i.e. targeted interests.
Discovery: Know what content is most relevant to your consumers.
Time: Focus on your core business, simplify the process of curation and content marketing ... we do the heavy lifting.

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