Plug Media Group is an award-winning brand consulting and business development firm offering creative marketing and communications solutions. We provide strategic marketing, operational strategy, branding and interactive development. We help companies implement effective messaging and communications programs that get their business noticed, acquire new leads and strengthen existing customer relationships.

Here at Plug, there is a bit of a fanatic in each of us. As individuals we lay claim to specific areas of each assignment. And as a group, we've got all the bases covered, from a project's first imaginings to its ultimate completion. What we end up with is an extremely well-rounded approach that leaves no room for mediocrity. Plug helps you:

  • Find and connect with your target market
  • Respond to changing market conditions
  • Create and sustain competitive advantage
  • Allocate resources to maximize return on investment
  • Maximize the results of your sales efforts
  • Build and grow your brand
Every member of our group has in common a strong foundation in marketing in its many manifestations. Online as well as offline, from print collateral to social media and mobile applications, we've amassed a track record of great success.

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