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Three Core Qualities
of B2B Digital Marketing

As businesses become ever more adept at creating their own digital marketing strategies, they are sure to expect the same or better from you when you try to engage with them.

How can you ensure your B2B digital outreach is a consistent winner in such a competitive environment? According to Beth Comstock and Linda Boff, writing at the HBR Blog Network, you need to focus on "three core qualities at the heart of digital marketing to business customers."

These three core qualities are:

Radical transparency. In today's digital world, honesty is the absolute best marketing policy. That means clearly stating how your product or service "stacks up" against the competition, say Comstock and Boff. They cite a success story:

Dell has invested in ratings and reviews and received an unexpected positive customer response. Micro-relevancy. Digital marketing tools can reveal "who is using your digital content, what they are doing with it, and what they want," the authors note. Now, instead of worrying about upping your page views, you can focus on engaging a few highly targeted prospects. Example:

Omni Hotels & Resorts used a blogger outreach program to promote its business to a "micro-audience of influencers ignored by its competitors, leading to hundreds of conversations and direct sales leads," the authors write. Open collaboration. Today, businesses and customers are working together through digital and social channels to "create something of value that might not have existed before," say Comstock and Boff. Example:

GE's ecoimagination Challenge invites new inventions to "power the smart grid." The competition has spurred "new partnerships with start-ups, venture capitalists and retailers," reports Comstock (who happens to be GE's chief marketing officer).

The Point: You can see clearly now! B2B digital marketing best-practices are steadily coming to light. Take heed, and get creative!

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