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How Digital Customer Behavior Is Changing Brand Management

To say that the brand universe in 2011 is complicated... is a bit of a truism. The way people experience a brand today is far different from what has come before.

Traditionally, brand experiences were the result of messages conveyed via broadcast mediums; audiences could only form relatively vague impressions of what those brands represented.

Today, the brand experience is deeper, fragmented, and more complex and fragile. More than ever, a brand is shaped by experiences and not just perceptions. Perhaps delivering one bad experience with a customer service rep after five good digital or product experiences won't kill your customer relationship, but three in a row might be enough to do it.

In other words, a "brand bank account" exists, and every experience—advertising, digital, customer service, social media, community—carries a positive or negative perception with it.

That has a significant impact on organizations that build brands without advertising. In those organizations, brand is built primarily via word-of-mouth—i.e., what customers, partners, media, and industry people say about working with that organization. Such companies that venture into the digital realm face risks, but they face much more potential benefits.

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